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LA Canvas – Spotlight – Cocktail Cranberries TAKE THAT NEON CHERRIES! What’s wrong with maraschino cherries? Absolutely nothing. Assuming you are watching a beautiful lady seduce you by knotting the stem with her tongue… Outside of that, everything is wrong with them. I’m not a scientist, but I think it takes something like 8 million years for one of them to digest in your gut. Enter something better – Cocktail Cranberries. When I discovered these tasty little treats, I had my doubts. But as usual, I was wrong. They are delicious, nice looking in a Manhattan or glass of champagne, and sure to be discussed at your bar or home party. They are sweeter than you would expect and a welcome addition to the world of played out garnishes. Next time you throw on your favorite smoking jacket or tight black dress, don’t forget to give your drink the same treatment with a stylish cocktail cranberry.

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