Move over, maraschino. Introducing an entirely new cocktail garnish…The Cocktail Cranberry!

Lounge Attire Premium Cocktail Cranberries

Grown on a family farm on the southern coast of Oregon, these exquisite late harvest cranberries are naturally deep, dark red, and sweet. They are hand-sorted & hand-packed, and I believe you will find them exceptional.

Enjoy something new, elegant, and delicious!
• Made for cocktails! Perfect with vodka, of course, and equally wonderful in a Manhattan.
• Great for dinner parties & special events! (Over 75 in a jar!)
• Pair with a bottle of your favorite spirit or champagne for a fabulous gift!
• Also wonderful with food! Pair with goat cheese for a beautiful appetizer, toss in salads, decorate desserts…
• Less than 1 calorie! (A maraschino cherry has more than 10!)

A garnish is a finishing touch; a mark of distinction. This product is a beautiful complement to the high level of creativity that is happening in the cocktail industry today.

A more sophisticated garnish for a more sophisticated clientele.

I invite you to try one.


Natalie Foss, Proprietor

Lounge Attire Premium Cocktail Cranberries dress your drink

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