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Below is Class Magazine’s review of our Cranberries:

Lounge Attire Premium Cocktail Cranberries
0% alc./vol.
Producer: Lounge Attire, Shell Beach, California, 93449, USA

We met Natalie Foss, the gorgeous lady behind Lounge Attire, making garnishes at Tales of the Cocktail 2011. She discovered these naturally non-tart cranberries “in a small region of the Pacific Northwest”. They are hand-sorted and hand-packed in 227g jars. They float and sit well on a prism pick or stick across the top the glass.

Tasting: Ruby red whole cranberries in maroon red juice. The cranberries on the top of the jar were slightly squashed and pulpy but those beneath where round and whole – exploding when squashed in the mouth. While obviously smelling of cranberries, nosing the jar has a herbaceous, summer hedgerow aroma. The taste is succulent cranberry and while we note that both sugar and concentrated lemon juice feature in the contents, these have been added judiciously and neither is obvious or detracts from the taste. The cranberry flavour lasts in your mouth, without the bitterness you might expect after eating whole cranberries. 4/5

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